Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Facebook Timeline Cover: 40 (Really) Creative Examples

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Just if you didn’t know, Facebook Timeline is the latest feature that was introduced in the recent Facebook Conference, F8. It’s generally a complete overhaul of the profile page with the new ability to view your status updates in a list sorted by time, hence the name.
facebook timeline cover
With this new feature comes a new way of introducing yourself though graphic other than profile photo, and we call it Timeline Cover. And yes, what you can expect is thousands of facebookers try to be creative with their new timeline cover, spawning the hype all over the web.
In this showcase we’re gonna show you 40 awesome and creative timeline covers which either inspire you, amaze you or just make you burst out into laughter.
Also, at the end of the article, we are going to throw in a Facebook time PSD template (updated) to guide you creating one accurately. Have fun with them and enjoy being creative with yours!
Kay Int Veen. Nice use of Polaroid-style photo to introduce the profile owner! The new Facebook Timeline is actually a virtual board for you to show off your creativity, so toy around with it and show to others how creative you are!
kay int veen
Aly Moffatt. Creative photo with creative usage. You won’t know what’s happening by just looking at her photo in status page, but you will get shocked once you see her profile/timeline page!
aly moffatt
Andrew Grojean. Yes, this is a timeline cover, see carefully. What a neat and amusing trick!
andrew grojean
Nirajan Bom Malla. One of the timeline cover’s tricks that went viral is to use the screenshot of other social media site as the cover. Google+ in Facebook, will this be possible in future?
nirajan bom malla
Antonio Fadda. Brilliant combination of the profile photo and the timeline cover, and yes, it’s creative.
antonio fadda
Delphin Hauchard. Nicely adjusted profile photo and the timeline cover, what a great way to show the best moment of life.
delphin hauchard
Dustin Thaxton. Willing to show not just the single best moment of life? With timeline cover and some Photoshop works you can get more great moments of life glued onto the cover!
dustin thaxton
Eduardo Calvo. I just like this one. It’s creative, amusing and warmful at the same time.
eduardo calvo
Emanuele Bartolomucci. Very sleek way of introducing the timeline feature and the profile owner.
emanuele bartolomucci
Enk Shahbaz Mehdi. People might start selling the timeline cover’s space as ads, will it be possible?
enk shahbaz mehdi
Oliver Alexander. And the Internet does not disappoint you, Enk Shahbaz Mehdi, but I think this was intended to be a good joke. Anyway, poke if interested!
oliver alexander
Eyal Shahar. Fake 3D is one of the best tricks to show off your design skills, inspiring work!
eyal shahar
Fabio Maravilla. Such a neat and detailed trick! Look at the smallest piece in the profile photo, cute!
Florim I. Qerimi. I thought it was some sort of hypnotism at the first time I’m looking it.
Gianmarco Carrieri. What a simple and sweet integration of profile photo and timeline cover.
gianmarco carrieri
Giuseppe Draicchio. You will never know he is doing the contact with the extraterrestrial creature by just looking at his profile photo!
giuseppe draicchio
Manoj Varghese Mathew. Feeling less creative? Just draw what you can think of, and it will become a creative cover!
kay int veen
Menteş Nihat Baran. I’m always curious about the difference between touching the alien’s finger and touching the God’s finger.
mentes nihat baran
Helbert Campos. Nice blending between the real life photo and cartoonic graphic, you can even see the page owner’s shadow rendered in the profile photo!
helbert campos
Jeremy Bronson. It’s a big head! But wait, whose head is it? Nice one indeed.
Jerome Vadon. A beautiful way to introduce yourself with a sleek background and some sexy fonts.
jerome vadon
Jessica Barnard. Vintage means viral, don’t you know it?
jessica barnard
Johnny Gigantic. Probably a masterpiece, except that you won’t get much meaning by just looking at his profile photo.
johnny gigantic
Jörgen Bröms. With such a serious looking profile photo, you won’t expect his timeline cover to be so amusing.
jorgen broms
Robert Falkén. A simple message cloud will tell that you are creative.
robert falken
Lanfranco Nantele. Another nice attempt with message cloud, but in a more artistic way.
lanfranco nantele
Leo Lee. What will happen if I touch on the profile photo?
leo lee
Louise Lundberg. The reaction of the photo is just awesome.
louise lundberg
Maarten Walraven. You wouldn’t know a shark is approaching him if you didn’t see his timeline cover!
maarten walraven
Nagaraj Vijayarangan. And this guy is not as lucky as the one showcased above.
nagaraj vijayarangan
Maurizio Mazzanti. He’s trying to understand what’s happening with his new timeline cover.
maurizio mazzanti
Mohammad L. Azzam. Stay hungry, stay foolish, stay creative.
mohammad l azzam
Murat Çizer. I like this one, to be honest.
murat cizer
Niels Langeveld. Perfect integration between the timeline cover and profile photo, it’s royal!
niels langeveld
Oliver Elsner. If you want to show your creativity while remaining the professional look, go for this style.
oliver elsner
Ori Hasson. You know, classic game never stop to impress people.
ori hasson
Richard Kårström. If my eyes are still functioning well, I can see a guy coming from it.
richard karstrom
Rudolfo Nobre. There’s certainly some physic between the timeline cover and the profile photo.
rudolfo nobre
Scott Lamb. It feels good for sure.
scott lamb
Tom Lambie. I’m sure I am a geek as I understand this joke.
tom lambie

Bonus: Do It Yourself!

So you have enjoyed the entire showcase, and would like to get really creative on your timeline cover? You can actually do it now! For certain reasons Facebook haven’t release the feature officially yet, but you can activate the feature by walking though some very easy steps.
We want you to focus just on the cover’s design, so we’ve created a Photoshop template exclusively for you to do the instant design and preview. Download it to make your editing process absolutely easier!
facebook timeline cover template