Thursday, 17 July 2014

New Google Translation Tools: Edit Text, Change Language & Hear Translation Directly Within Search

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Google has added new translation features, making it easy to edit translation search terms, change languages or hear the translations directly within search.
Going off a tip from @WilliamHarvey, when searching the word “translate,” Google now delivers a quick search option for entering text or choosing the translation language via a dynamic knowledge graph box as shown in this screen shot:
Google search translation feature July 2014Once a full translation search query has been entered, Google offers both the text translation or the option to hear the audio version of the translated word or phrase.
Google search translation options“It is indeed a new feature with added translate tools directly within search,” confirmed a Google spokesperson, “You can say ‘translate where is the closest museum into French’ and you can now edit the text, change the input and output languages, and hear the translation spoken back to you more than once.”