Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Delivering On Search: Behind The Scenes With An Ad Agency SEO Manager

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Hillary Glaser headshot2

Today’s full service ad agency services go far beyond building out creative and determining media placement.
As Lowe Campbell Ewald’s SEO manager, Hillary Glaser is responsible for managing client search efforts, as well as training agency staff and educating clients on the realities of SEO.
At the beginning of every project, Glaser said she meets with other internal team members to get a better grasp of their client’s objectives:
The first thing we do is talk it out – we start brainstorming and collaborating with the analytics teams, account people, and other digital and traditional disciplines to better understand the needs of the client. Then we take our own search ideas, strategize, and circle back with the team. This tactic works really well because it creates a collaborative environment that facilitates the merging of ideas for an overall strategy.
Beyond her responsibilities as a search strategist and analyst, she also assists in helping clients understand what’s involved when it comes to effective search strategies, even when they have a relationship with another search agency.
“We aid some accounts in understanding their SEO counterparts when the client has a long-standing partnership with another company,” said Glaser, “We help teach and guide the agency’s account executives in understanding the reports they are given and what questions to ask of those counterparts.”
Glaser was featured today in an interview on our partner site at Marketing Land, offering insight on her role within the ad agency and how she sees brands failing when it comes to search efforts.