Monday, 10 February 2014

Bing Beats Google With Bitcoin Conversion Tool

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First Yandex, now Bing, has beaten Google to offer Bitcoin conversion prices. Bing has announced that people can find the current rates by doing a search on Bing.
Bing shared the news in a blog post today. It can be triggered in various ways, such as asking “one dollar in bitcoin,” which yielded this answer:
Yandex rolled out a similar BitCoin conversion feature in December. Like Bing, it uses pricing from the  Coindesk Bitcoin Calculator.
WolframAlpha also offers Bitcoin conversion, having launched that in January.
As for Google, it remains a no show. It provides conversion of any number of currencies but still doesn’t support Bitcoin. Yahoo also doesn’t provide such support.
We asked Google back in December for any comment about when it might add such support, but it never answered. We’ll ask again. Now that Bing is doing it, it’s likely Google will feel more pressure to.