Friday, 31 January 2014

Yahoo Adds Local Business Snapshots Next To Search Results

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You’re gonna say to yourself, “That looks a lot like Google’s local search results.”
I’m talking about the latest interface change that Yahoo has announced: the display of local business information alongside search results.
The local business info includes basic business information, photos, hours of operation and some data specific to the business type — i.e., restaurant listings may show “Menu” and “Reservations” links.
Yahoo’s announcement says the idea is to “make it easier to get the essential facts for any business in the U.S. right on the search results page.”
The business data — they look like “cards,” to borrow Google’s current terminology — doesn’t show until you click one of the business listings in the local results. Here are two images showing a Yahoo local search result page before and after clicking one of the business listings. (You can click for larger versions.)
You can see how the business information replaces the search refinements, map and paid ads in the right rail.
And if you agree that this looks like Google’s search results, don’t forget that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer used to be in charge of Google’s local products.


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